The benefits of DigiRENT


DigiRENT is a tool that is independent of any real estate portal or company. Its main mission is to offer a superior service to real estate agencies.

Innovative Features

Many revolutionary features have been developed during the creation of DigiRENT. These will meet all your needs and those of your future tenants.

Competitive price

DigiRENT is completely free until the end of 2024. IMMOMIG SA customers benefit from revolutionary tools without paying a single cent.

Time saving

Many tedious processes are now automated with DigiRENT. You will save time and be able to focus on more value-added tasks.

Optimized performance

With DigiRENT, you can centrally manage your rental processes. This allows you to find and select a tenant for your property more quickly.

Secure data

All data stored on DigiRENT is stored on servers hosted in Switzerland. This guarantees optimal security for all users.


Thanks to our 20 years of experience in the field of innovation, DigiRENT offers you numerous features. These will allow you to manage your rental processes quickly, easily and in a centralized way.

Free in 2024


Centralization of contact requests and applications on Immomig®

Management of applications (validation of supporting documents, selection and manual validation)

Registration and follow-up of the application file for the tenant

Facilitated organization of visits (online appointment booking, virtual visits, open house management)

Simplified communication and instant messaging service (configurable and automatic messages for confirmation of visits, refusal of application, accommodation already rented, etc.)

Communication with the owner (automatic and manual reports)

Automated creation of a lease contract

Statistics (views, requests, demographics, etc.)

Publishing gateways to numerous real estate portals

Many revolutionary features were developed during the creation of DigiRENT.

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Founder & CEO
University of Fribourg

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